Banana Ripening Rooms

Fruit Ripening Rooms


Ripening rooms are the best and cheapest solutions for fruits ripening. Banana, Mango and Papaya ripening process happens in a insulated and temperature controlled rooms with the help of ethylene gas. The ethylene gas works as a natural hormone and never constituted any healty hazard at the same time it provides the fruit’s skin color from green to yellow and ensure the fruites aroma and test. In that way this process add some value to fruits. The banana process takes 110 to 130 days under suitable conditions.

Our professional and experienced team provide for fruit ripening projects, renovations, modernisation, system optimisations and maintenance.

You can look at the prepared banana ripening rooms project here.

Please contact with us for your all kind of ripening room requirements.


  • High air circulation and homogeneous temperature for all around the room.
  • Sensitive humudity and temperature control.
  • Air insulated, automatic sectional doors.
  • Ethylene injection systems.
  • Computerised monitoring and data saving system during to all ripening process.
  • Special devices designe for minimum humidity loss for fruits.
  • Storage system for one, two or three layer.

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