Turn-Key Cold Storage

Turn-Key Cold Storage Construction


Cold Storage Rooms are a kind of structure which is insulated across to ambient conditions like humudity, temperature, etc… and saving goods at their optimised naturel conditions. All food stuff must save in a cold warehouse from manufacturing to consumption.

The cold warehouses ensure to save goods as long as possible with optimised density fabricated sandwich poliurethane panels. Tekop Project designed and assemble cold warehouses accroding to his clients required size, capacity, conditions and features.

You can look at the turn-key cold storage projects here.

Please contact with us for your required Cold Warehouse and Cooling Systems.


  • Meat and Meat Products Cold Storage Rooms
  • Fruits and Vegetables Cold Storage Rooms
  • Milk and Milk Products Cold Storage Rooms
  • Fish Cold Rooms
  • Bakery Products Cold Rooms
  • Frozen Food Cold Storage Rooms
  • Blast Rooms
  • Medicine Cold Storage Rooms

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  • I have received an inquiry for 10000 ton cold storage for Iraq with 12 chambers to be maintained at dual temp -22C & +-0C .
    Will you be interested to quote EPC if I send you dimensions of each chambers.

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